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The last few months have been so busy, I haven’t reported much to you, our community of supporters.  Thank you for your support, all the same!  Here’s the latest.

What’s New


We launched Redeem the Commute in early November, and we have seen it making a positive impact already.

For example, this week we reached 350 installations of the mobile app on iPhone/iPad/Android devices.  It will take time to interpret our detailed metrics on daily usage of the app, as well as usage of the mobile web site and social media, but from the big picture summary numbers we have, it’s apparent a good number of people are following our life courses and daily challenges each week.

My work right now is focused on:

  • Advertising the app via Facebook and print ads focused on each course, new years resolutions, and next, the busy commuting lifestyle.
  • Connecting with users to encourage deeper engagement and community building
  • Seeking potential team members and partners in ministry
  • Developing daily content, finishing our current course offerings, and considering new courses for the future

Redeem the Commute has also been profiled in a few different outlets: ChurchNext, Darryl Dash’s blog, The Anglican, Fresh Expressions, and more.

The road ahead

stepsWe are in the early stages.  We have a long road ahead of us, that began here with life courses that we trust will serve needs and introduce discipleship to busy commuters.  We trust that we will pass new milestones along that road, including:

  • Commitment: That users will engage with our content regularly, not just once or twice.
  • Groups: Formation of small groups, as people share and discuss our content with friends and family.
  • Trust: That over time users and groups will register for accounts, discuss online, and introduce themselves to the wider community.
  • Celebration: That this scattered community will grow, and begin to gather together regularly as one.

Please help!

helpWe need our friends and partners to do the following:

  • Use Redeem the Commute regularly, and help to foster discussion by leaving comments at least once a week
  • Share Redeem the Commute with friends, neighbours, family, co-workers – anyone!  We even have postcards, if you can give some out!
  • Introduce me to potential team members – particularly those who can host others in discussion, help us prepare for public worship gatherings, or help produce quality video content.
  • Pray for people using the app, that they will find help, community and the gospel.  Pray for people of peace in the area who will support this challenging work.  Pray for my family and I, as we adapt to a completely new way of life, and a new vision of Christian community.

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