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Here’s the latest news from Redeem the Commute

What’s New


We launched Redeem the Commute in early November, and we have seen it making a positive impact already.

We’ve now hit 600 installations of the mobile app on iPhone/iPad/Android devices, and over 150 unique users in the last week alone!  Yes, we doubled our numbers in the last month with our media coverage on CBC, The Anglican Planet, Alpha Canada and more.  We have great numbers, and are learning to interpret them through a lens similar to the Parable of the Sower – some will use the app once or twice, some will use it regularly, and some will begin to form a community of people learning to follow Jesus.  We keep our eyes focused on this last group, knowing that God will touch all sorts of other lives as well.

Earlier this month, Ryan spoke at an Ajax/Pickering Unity Service and presented Redeem the Commute as a tool for those participating in the excellent “Every Street a Light” initiative.  In upcoming events, Ryan will be preaching on discipleship at St. James Cathedral, Toronto, at evensong on March 17th.

We are particularly excited to be attending the Durham Baby & Kid Show, with 2500 visitors from our local area, all focused on young children.  We’ll have cards in lootbags sharing The Parenting Children Course as a resource for young commuting parents and are gathering a team of volunteers to staff a booth, hand out cards and talk about what we do.  Would you be willing to help on April 6th or 7th in Oshawa?  Contact Ryan Sim ASAP.

Ways you can help:


Thank you for being a friend of Redeemer Church, Ajax and the Redeem the Commute community!  We need your help to continue growing into a vibrant church community.

In addition to your prayers and participation, would you consider giving thanks with a financial gift?  We are growing fast, and as we grow, our expenses rise.  Your gift can enable us to help more marriages, families and individuals, as we learn, grow and explore deep questions of life.

Please consider making a regular gift to Redeemer Church, and this important ministry to commuters.  Our denomination handles our donations using the form here.  Your charitable receipt will come from The Anglican Diocese of Toronto.

If you have any questions about our stewardship of your generous gift, please contact Ryan Sim.

We also need our friends and partners to do the following:

  • Use Redeem the Commute regularly, and help to foster discussion by leaving comments at least once a week
  • Share Redeem the Commute with friends, neighbours, family, co-workers – anyone!  We even have postcards, if you can give some out at home, work, on the train, or the Baby & Kid Show!
  • Introduce me to potential team members – particularly those who can host others in discussion, and help us prepare for public worship gatherings.
  • Pray for people using the app, that they will find help, community and the gospel.  Pray for people of peace in the area who will support this challenging work.  Pray for my family and I, as we learn first hand the stresses of suburban life.


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