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biquestionregRedeem the Commute is fast approaching a year of ministry through our mobile app and web site. In that time, we’ve had almost 900 people install our app, 400-600 web site users per month, hundreds of others accessing our content through social media, and lots of other news we simply haven’t had time to share. We’re thrilled about these numbers, since they are great indicators of potential for a local Christian community to form in Ajax.

Our next step is to begin hosting some community-building celebration events. These will allow us to both assess our users’ interest in face-to-face community, and reach new people. We’re about to host our first events, and need your help!

We’re offering a live version of our Christianity 101 course in partnership with All Saints’ Church in Whitby, starting September 24th at 7:15pm and running five weeks.

Do you know someone in the area who might be open to exploring the big questions of life through the lens of Christian faith? Invite them to join you at this free course, where you’ll both enjoy delicious dessert, small group discussion and up front teaching.

Between the two host churches, the course is almost full, so register soon. You can find more information and a registration form here.

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  1. Keith Adams
    October 23, 2013

    Hi – I am a retired Anglican Priest (in my early 80s). I am frustrated by being unable to find a community of faith that is also informed by contempary science. There is a lot of great literature out there, but it is not finding its way into my local church community. Because of my age I’m not to mobile so perhaps an “on line” community is the way to go.
    I would appreciate your comments.
    Thanks for your creative activity.

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