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Dear friends, as you know, Redeemer Ajax is a church planting project in Ajax, Ontario.  With so many busy commuters and families in Ajax, we decided the best way to help people and relationships under stress was to launch Redeem the Commute, our mobile app and web site with free marriage and parenting courses, Christianity 101 and daily challenges.

Since launching in November 2012, we’ve had much to celebrate locally, including a growing body of users, two baptisms, local courses and events, the formation of a small group and more.  We’ve also been surprised and thrilled to see Redeem the Commute is being used by people across the GTA, and even around the world.  We’ve also found that the fresh, daily discipleship challenges we produce in house are our most accessed content.

Considering all this, we’ll be making some changes this summer to broaden Redeem the Commute’s focus on the GTA, and to promote and highlight different content than before.  We won’t be changing our emphasis on evangelism, small group formation or church community.

What Will Change with Redeem the Commute this Summer?

  • A new visual identity (75% Done)
  • A new focus on “stages” of content for anyone, seekers and disciples. (Done)
  • Archived challenges reappearing as courses
  • Challenges will no longer focus directly on Ajax or the development of a church plant there.
  • A resource kit for churches wanting to share Redeem the Commute with their members and the public.

What Will Change for Redeemer, Ajax this Summer?

  • small group continues to meet weekly, and four of its members are planning to make public professions of faith this fall. They are always welcoming of new members, and hope to someday multiply into more groups.  Contact Ken to join.
  • We will offer a live Christianity 101 course this fall.
  • We will work toward the launch of a new worship service this fall designed to connect with people of all ages, with children and adults worshipping and learning together.  This doesn’t presently exist in Ajax, and is the perfect environment in which to invite busy young families to come and learn about Jesus.
  • We are hiring an innovative person to develop and lead the children focused aspects of this innovative and exciting new venture part-time.  If this sounds like you, or someone you know, you can find more information and application info at our website.


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