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One memorable Sunday this fall, two new families attended the Family Room, and joyfully shared that this church community was exactly what they’d been looking for, and they were “all in”.  Their kids were safe, happy, and most importantly, engaged as they learned to worship and follow Jesus alongside the grown-ups in their lives.

At the same time, we’ve been thrilled to see over 400 active mobile app users, 3700 web users, and 4000 videos played on Redeem the Commute in 2014.

Together, these two ministries are connecting with busy, suburban commuters and others like them, serving their distinct needs, and creating community and discipleship opportunities where they seldom exist.  We long to hear more stories like this, and need your support.

As we journey towards establishing Redeemer as a sustainable local church for the long term, we need your help.  2015 is the first year we shift from almost 100% grant funding and begin to rely more on donations from active attendees and interested supporters like you.  If you believe our mission to reach and disciple the busy people who so seldom connect with existing churches, please pray, get involved, and support us financially in 2015 with a monthly donation.

A regular gift helps us budget boldly.  You can make a one-time or recurring donation online, at the Family Room, or ask Ryan about pre-authorized giving.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Join Our Team – Finance & Admin

If you prefer to get involved in other ways, we have an urgent need for new team members to help with technology, setup, takedown and hospitality on Sunday mornings in Ajax.  We’re also interested in those who can provide administrative or financial expertise, wherever you might live.  Please contact Ryan for more information.

Share Your Story

We also want to hear and be encouraged by your story!  If you’ve been touched by Redeemer Church or Redeem the Commute this year, please share your story with Ryan or (only with your explicit permission) our entire community.

With gratitude,

Ryan & The Redeemer Church Team


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