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EPIC: Abraham & Sarah

This week’s challenges are about a story where God told some of his favourite people an amazing plan for their lives (and ours).  He was going to give them what they’d always wanted, and he’d always promised.  After years of disappointment they had finally decided it must be impossible.  When God said it would finally happen, they ended up ROTFL.  Would you be any different, if God told you an impossible plan?Here’s today’s challenge video:


Interested in an In-Person Christianity 101 Course in Ajax?

Have big questions about life and God?  Have you been checking out Christianity 101 online, but struggling to stay committed?  Ready to take the next step and connect with our new church community in person?  This course is perfect for you.

We’re gauging interest in a live Christianity 101 course early this year.  Would you prefer if we offered it as two Saturdays with lunch (9am-2pm or 10am-3pm), or five weeknights 7pm-9pm?  With childcare?


Trying to Follow Jesus Alone?

It’s definitely not recommended!  Our challenges and courses are made for community, so share them with a friend, neighbour or colleague and start a group.  And if you’re near Ajax, join our bi-weekly Family Room church services for people of all ages.


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