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In this week’s challenges, we read a pretty disturbing story where Abraham is tested – does he love God more than anything in the world?  It’s a test none of us need to experience, because God sacrificed his son Jesus.  But do we have the same love for God, even untested?

Do You Wish Your Family Went to Church??

The Family Room, at 10am this Sunday, February 22nd in Ajax is perfect for families who long to grow spiritually together, but without the stress of separation from anxious kids who’ve already spent most of the week away from family, and without the challenge of trying to keep them sitting quietly and still.


Be Challenged Every Day!

Spiritual growth is best nurtured every day, but our metrics show a troubling but unsurprising trend – when we send this email every Monday, our usage is highest.  But through the week, our usage drops each day.  Without a reminder, it’s easy to get distracted. Break the trend – sign up for daily challenge emails!


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