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The season of Lent begins today on Ash Wednesday.  It’s a way to mark the 40 days leading up to Easter, and reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made by making small sacrifices ourselves.  40 day periods are significant throughout the Bible as times of preparing, purifying and deep reflection.

At the Family Room on Sundays, you’ll notice some subtle changes in how we worship from now until our Easter service.  Kids can keep track of Lent by colouring or stickering on this fun calendar.

We’d recommend committing yourself or your family to three things for the next 40 days (minus Sundays):


Have a simple meal once a week – just the basics like water, bread and soup.

Give up some daily treat (coffee, dessert, iPhone games) for 40 days.

For Kids: Put some favourite toys in a box, and label it “Goodbye for Lent, see you at Easter!”


Start saying a prayer of thanks to God before meals

Dedicate each morning to God, and thank God each evening at bedtime.

For Kids: Think of one happy and sad story from each day.  Pray thanks for the happy moment, and ask for help with the sad ones.


Start giving, or increase your monthly financial giving to Redeemer Church.

Collect your savings from meals and daily treats and donate it to alocal foodbank, shelter orcompassionate ministry.

For Kids: Collect some favourite toys or clothes to give away.


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