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Do you struggle to worship God?  Is a busy lifestyle, or a desire to spend weekends with the children in your life a part to the struggle?  Join us this Sunday at the Family Room, where struggling families find hope.

This Sunday, February 22nd at 10am at Romeo Dallaire School, 300 Williamson Drive East in Ajax, near Taunton & Audley.

We’ll explore a story from the Old Testament where someone literally struggled with God and lived to tell the tale!  We’ll sing great music, pray, play, and learn about Jesus with people of all ages.  Please invite some friends to join you for this celebration!

The season of Lent began yesterday.  You’ll notice some subtle changes in how we worship from now until our Easter service.  Your kids can keep track of Lent using thisfun calendar.  Also check out yesterday’s email for ideas on how to mark Lent yourself, or as a family.

Special Events:

Save the date!  On Thursday, April 2nd at suppertime we’ll gather for a potluck meal and a powerful and moving communion service for all ages.  Why a Thursday evening right before Easter?  This is the night known as “Maundy Thursday” when Jesus had a meal with his disciples, took bread and wine, and said they were his body and blood.  We’ll remember those events to help us prepare for our first Easter service a few days later.

Have an idea for a special event that would gather some families together from our community, and where you’d be comfortable inviting friends to join you?  We’d love to hear your idea!

Mark your calendar with our

Upcoming Services:

  • February 22nd
  • March 8th
  • March 22nd
  • April 2nd (Maundy Thursday)
  • April 5th (Easter Sunday)
  • April 19th
  • May 3rd
  • May 17th
  • May 31st
  • June 14th

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