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Jacob didn’t only fight with God, he fought for almost everything in life, and his brother and he had been estranged for years.  As they crossed paths once again, would it end in violence, or reconciliation?  What will it mean for people like us?  We’ll explore that story this week.

Do You Wish Your Family Went to Church??

The Family Room, at 10am on Sunday, March 8th in Ajax is perfect for families who long to grow spiritually together, but without the stress of separation from anxious kids who’ve already spent most of the week away from family, and without the challenge of trying to keep them sitting quietly and still.


RSVP for a Potluck & Communion April 2nd

The Thursday before Easter is the day Christians remember Jesus shared a special meal with his followers in a rented room before being betrayed and ultimately crucified.  We’ll  gather for a meal in a Community Centre in Ajax, and celebrate how our community has grown this year.  After dinner we’ll break bread and have a sip of wine in remembrance of Jesus, and in communion with one another.  We’ll retell and relive this incredible story.  Please get more info or RSVP below:


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