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Takeout Church BoxAt our last service before summer, we wanted families to leave with an assignment to remember they are the church, every day, wherever they go.  So, we used and adapted the Takeout Church concept we found described in a few places online.

Each family got a pizza box with a Takeout Church Logo containing:

Takeout Church InsideTake out Church is a way for your family to keep learning and growing this summer. In this box you’ll find opportunities, just like we do on Sunday mornings, for laughter and fellowship (the colourful question cards), to Pray (Skittle Prayers), to Hear God’s Word (Apps, Playing Cards) and to be Creative (Coloring, Giving).

Through it all we want you to remember to take Jesus with you.  He is the most important thing in this box.  Colour Flat Jesus and then take him with you everywhere you go.

Whatever fun you have, snap a picture with your Flat Jesus and post it with a hashtag so we can see where Jesus spends his time this summer!

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Have fun, be safe, and take church with you this Summer!

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