1800031_10152651272373569_1795980331_oWith our focus on young children, we naturally get some questions about baptism!  Yes, we do baptize infants, children and adults.

We understand Baptism to be an important commitment, and want to help parents understand the promises they make.  With children and infants, Baptism is a parent’s promise, supported by family, friends and a church community, to raise a child to be a follower of Jesus.  With adults, Baptism is a personal commitment to learn about and follow Jesus, in the context of a church community.

Steps Toward Baptism

Baptismmoment1. Start attending the Family Room.  Our church service in Ajax is designed for families with babies and young children, so it’s perfect for the challenging early years when most parents consider baptism but avoid church!  See if this is a church community that will help you (and your whole family) grow spiritually, and where you’ll make friends.

2. Meet with Ryan.  Tell our pastor, Ryan, that you’d like to discuss baptism.

3. Learn the Basics of Christian Faith. We want you to be confident about the promises you make.  We offer a Christianity 101 course to help all kinds of people explore Christian faith.  If a course is offered before your baptism date, you’ll be invited!  If there isn’t a course offered yet, we’ll arrange for you to take the course online.

Watch some highlights from our first baptisms:

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