Edited-9463Switching quickly between elements like snacks, activity, questions and answers, music, prayer and an engaging talk, no one will be left behind as we go on a rollercoaster of fun where you will see, hear, taste, smell and feel what it means to be a part of something bigger than you can imagine.

The “family room” is thoughtfully designed with two main areas.

We have snacks and an area for babies and toddlers to play, where you can still see and hear and participate in the whole service.

A big table is our central focus – here you’ll find an object lesson, and a place to bring our gifts of food, fun creations or finances.  Behind that is a large screen so everyone can follow along.

There is always something to listen to – music, prayers, stories, teaching, and more.  It’s designed to be interactive with discussion questions to share with family and friends.

But, kids don’t always sit still to listen, sometimes they need to move!  For them, our focus table is surrounded by two sitting mats, clusters of chairs, a Lego pit and art station.  Using Lego and art, kids can respond to each Sunday’s theme.  Everyone has something to offer!



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